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Dr. Mao Aijun from Sunson Group made a report at the 1st FEPTID Conference

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Sunson Group, as a corporate partner, attended the 1st Feed Enzyme Preparation Technology and Industry Development Conference in Guangzhou on November 8-9, 2017.

 Dr. Mao Aijun from Sunson Group made a report at the 1st FEPTID Conference

The conference was guided and supported by three academicians and three Cheung Kong Scholars, and more than 20 experts and scholars shared their views on the progress of research, development, production, application and evaluation of feed enzymes. More than 3,000 audiences from feed industry and over 6,000 audiences from aquaculture watched the live of the conference through the Internet.

Dr. Mao Aijun from Sunson Group made a report at the 1st FEPTID Conference  

The conference hall was animated when Dr. Mao from Sunson Group made a brilliant report entitled "the effect of enzyme preparation on milk yield and milk composition in dairy cows".

Dr. Mao Aijun from Sunson Group made a report at the 1st FEPTID Conference

The conference discussed the current situation and developing trend of feed enzymes from several sectors, including the development and application of upstream and downstream products of feed enzymes, the application technology refinement of conventional and typical enzymes, the development and application of new enzyme, the application differences between different feed enzymes and so on.

Dr. Mao Aijun from Sunson Group made a report at the 1st FEPTID Conference

The conference provided a good platform for the exchange of academic and technical elites in and outside the conference venue, which will greatly promote the theoretical innovation research, new product and technology innovation in feed enzyme preparation in China.


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